AdBlue Tanks & Utepacks


AdBlue® or otherwise known as DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) was developed to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen from diesel engine exhaust.  AdBlue® is a highly purified colourless liquid. It contains demineralized water and urea (32.5%).

It is not a hazardous substance however it is corrosive and can dissolve materials that are not listed as AdBlue® proof in ISO 22241.

AdBlue® can be a challenging substance to store and tends to find any small pinhole to leak from, then crystallizing when exposed to the atmosphere.  Therefore, is it important to invest in storage vessels that are built to an exacting standard.

Additionally, an AdBlue® storage unit must protect its contents from direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold temperatures as this will affect the liquid’s performance.

Polymaster has been handling AdBlue® from the day it was introduced into Australia back in early 2014.

Our quality has led major national Fuel Retailers to exclusively use Polymaster to store and dispense AdBlue® at their retail sites throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Ease of use, storing and dispensing covers Polymaster’s range of:

  • Bulk storage – tank only
  • Portable AdBlue Ute Packs
  • A range of spare parts including hoses, pumps (12V, 24V, 240V & solar options), measuring and metering components available

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