Trough Feeder & Milk Transporter

Trough Feeder & Milk Transporter

Calf rearing doesn’t get any easier than this. Polymaster calf feeders and transporters have all the features and benefits that make the Australian calf rearing job that much easier and milk is at the teat as soon as the valve is turned on.

Mobile Mixer & Tanker

  • Allows you to mix while travelling and fill feeders in seconds simply by hand held nozzle.
  • Saves you time, mess and hassle!
  • Transport and mix your powered milk, then dispense into feeders with trigger nozzle.
  • Complete with mixing and dispensing modes.
  • 400ltr capacity

Riverina Milk Transporter

  • Ideal for transporting milk from dairy to calf sheds
  • 200 litre tank capacity
  • Very stable unit with 16” wheels (sealed bearings)
  • Towable behind ATV or ute
  • Includes a 1” ball valve and outlet

Divisional Feeder

  • Polymaster’s complete range of calfaterias (milkmaid feeders) have been thoroughly tested and proven to efficiently feed calves from the first day through to weaning.
  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious feeding solution for feeding large calving groups up to 20

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