Piusi MC Box B.Smart


Connect the B.SMART with your management systems and services for a unified coordination of all your data.

Information is among the most valuable business resources and enhancing it in the best possible way means obtaining concrete benefits in terms of control, time optimization, and profit.

The B.SMART simplifies the integration of data collected with the management system you already use.

The advanced model of the MCBOX fuel monitoring system, the MCBOX B.SMART allows you to electronically control any type of AC/DC pump, pulser litre-counter, nozzle and fuel level switches.

B.SMART functions with an integrated fuel management system allowing smart monitoring in different applications and sectors including agriculture, automotive, logistics and industry.  But it gets even better; the B.SMART works in the Cloud and allows you to monitor all fuel transactions in real time, from any site where the MCBOX B.SMART is installed.  Being in the Cloud allows fleet managers to check the site from anywhere without the need for software downloads.

What is B.SMART?  

It is the new simple and intuitive fuel management and monitoring system composed of a software part (App for drivers and a Cloud Software for managers), and a hardware part.

In the PIUSI product line, integrated with B.SMART, you will find MCBOX B.SMART: the fluid monitoring system using Bluetooth technology to send transaction data to the B.SMART phone App to easily manage any fleet, from the smallest to the largest.

MCBOX B.SMART is enriched with a new feature that allows greater flexibility thus maintaining the same high performances: today MCBOX B.SMART can control and manage up to 2 PUMPS.

With a single MCBOX B.SMART  TWO PUMPS (DOUBLE PUMP) it is possible to dispense and check the levels of different tanks, even multi-fluid, in any condition.


MCBOX B.SMART TWO PUMPS allows you to:

  • control up to 2 pumps start/stop;
  • manage any pulse meter;
  • control any nozzle contact;
  • manage fluid levels.

MCBOX B.SMART  TWO PUMPS is the perfect solution for any situation with multi-fluid tanks, as a retrofit of already existing installations or ad hoc for new sites.

Ready to enter the new era of fuel management?

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