Dieselmaster Ute Pack 200L



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Built for the Extreme.

Providing safe operation in the most demanding of refuelling duties from Agriculture to Heavy Industry.

Internationally Certified:
The Ute Pack™ range has been extensively tested and approved to the UN Specification for the Transport of Dangerous Goods and Worksafe Packing Group 3 standards.

Performance Under Pressure
Our pressure test is equal to taking our tanks to a depth of 5m under water.

Australian Owned & Made

Highest Grade Material – BUILT TUFF
Our premium European diesel-grade polymer gives the ute pack its raw strength, taking tough to a whole new level.

  • Pump Flow 45LPM
  • DTP200 – Diesel Ute Frame
  • To order a ute pack frame quote DM200MF


Unique Two-Way Breather

No chance of diesel dripping out even if you turn the tank upside down.


Premium Automatic Nozzle comes standard

Lockable Lid

Fully enclosed lockable lid

Metal Thread Fill Point

A metal fill point means you don’t get wear & tear on the thread, so your cap seals tightly every time.
The fill point plate can be unscrewed for a wide access point.
There is an additional rubber seal below this plate to ensure a continual tight seal.

Multi Impeller Quality European Pump

These quality pumps feature an internal relief valve


4metres of hose & leads

Fuel Gauge

You’ll never run out of diesel unexpectedly. We are the only ones to give you a highly visual fuel gauge.

Battery Clamps

Battery terminal clamps

Heavy Duty Rotating Swivel

Our twin zinc-plated brass swivel rotates to wherever you need to fill from, preventing hose kink.

In-Line Filter

As the fuel leaves the tank to be pumped out, it passes through a filter. Any debris filtered out is captured in the filter which can be emptied.

Extra Wear Pads on Base of Tank

Protecting the base from wearing, the wear pads also lock into the ute tray and raise the base.
This allows air flow underneath to reduce moisture build-up and prevent rusting.

Secondary Holster

Temporarily lock in the nozzle between filling to keep it off the ground and out of the dirt

Highest Grade Material

Our premium European diesel-grade polymer gives the ute pack its raw strength, taking tough to a whole new level.


Height: 600mm
Length: 1050mm
Width: 750mm

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