Footrot Bath

Footrot Bath

Polymaster’s footrot baths are uniquely designed to protect your sheep against this bacterial disease. The race type bath is narrow and has a unique pyramid shaped rib through the centre to assists sheep to walk in a single file. The standing type bath is ideal when sheep need a longer time soaking their feet in the treatment solution. The broader design allows sheep to stand next to each other, decreasing the level of stress they may experience.

Both types are effective in treating and managing footrot. Deciding between either style is based on how you choose to treat your flock of sheep.

  • End to end linking facility – join any amount together
  • Reduce the amount of solution needed to treat stock
  • Lightweight for easy handling. Non-slip floor
  • Will not rust, chip or flake. Fully chemical resistant
  • Dimples in base open hooves, ensuring penetration of treatment solution
  • Smooth, hygienic and easily cleaned

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