Bulk Diesel Storage Tanks

Bulk Diesel Storage Tank

If you have an existing earth/concrete bund in-place, these purpose-built Polymaster tanks are an ideal solution to storing bulk diesel up to 10,000ltrs. (If not, take a look at our double-walled self-bunded diesel tanks)

With existing bund infrastructure in-place, these tanks are designed and certified to AS/NZS4766 in accordance with the AS1940-2017 standard for inner storage tanks. (Please refer to Clause 5.8 – Bunds and Compounds within AS1940-2017 – extract below)

Off-the-shelf these tanks come already loaded with heaps of features to make getting set up straight forward. They include:

  • 2″(50mm) camlock for quick tanker connection
  • 2″(50mm) outlet and ball valve (to connect to external pump)
  • Mechanical overfill protection
  • Clock Gauge Level Indicator (roof mounted)
  • Earthing rod
  • Roof breather vents
  • Screw lid – inspection hatch
  • UV protection to withstand Australian conditions


  • 2,000ltr
  • 4,000ltr
  • 5,000ltr
  • 7,000ltr
  • 10,000ltr

For more information please contact the Polymaster team on 1300 062 064.

Extract 1940-2017 – The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids


5.8.1 Requirements Provision shall be made to contain any leakage or spillage from the tank storage facility and to prevent it from contaminating the surrounding soil or from entering any watercourse or water drainage system. Any above-ground tank shall be installed within a compound, except where the quantity of liquid stored is within that allowable as minor storage in Table 2.1, or where the tank has integral secondary containment complying with Clause 5.9.

5.8.2   Capacity The net capacity of a compound shall be at least 110% of the capacity of the largest tank or 25% of the total capacity of all tanks within the bund whichever is the greater. If two or more tanks are operated as a single unit, then the capacity of all such tanks shall be used when calculating the capacity of the compound. NOTE: For Category 6 tanks, the capacity can be taken as the tank rated capacity. When designing and constructing an earthen bund, account shall be taken of subsidence in the construction materials. In no case shall the bund be less than the nominated capacity. In addition, original height markers shall be installed on earthen bunds.

5.8.3   Design and construction A compound and its associated bund shall comply with the following requirements: (a) It shall be sufficiently impervious to retain spillage and to enable recovery of any such spillage; buried HDPE, geosynthetic clay liners, concrete or other equivalent materials are deemed to be suitable materials.

When earthen bunds are used, consideration shall be given to the minimization of penetration of the bund surface, because of permeability, in the event of a spill.

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