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All Poly Pallet Bin

All Poly Pallet BinDurable Palletisation
This multi-purpose forklift bin is ...

All Poly Pallet Bin

Durable Palletisation
This multi-purpose forklift bin is
of all-poly construction. Needing
no support frame due to its unique
ribbing, this bin offers extreme
durability to bulk transfer

1. Food Processing
3. Bulk Parts Storage
4. Hazardous Goods
5. Waste Management
6. Raw Material Transfer
7. Fruit & Vegetable Transportation
8. Plastics Processing

Special Features:
> Nest or Stack capability
> Enclosed Fork pockets available for
   pallet rotation
> Hygienic Food-Grade polyethylene
> Ideal Pallet Size for Transportation
> Bin stacks when rotated 180°
> FEA Analysis Testing completed for strength