Chemical Filling Station

Your Premier Solution for Safe and Compliant Chemical Truck Delivery 

Polymaster’s Chemical Tank Filling Station is engineered to provide a secure and efficient solution for filling chemical storage tanks, primarily through truck delivery. Adhering to the stringent Australian Standard AS3780, this system offers superior safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. 

Truck to Chemical Tank Filling Option

Dual-Door Cabinet: Securely encloses all essential controls and equipment, additionally providing spill containment.

Truck Fill Panel: The chemical unloading station features a panel equipped with both single and 3-phase power outlet options. It includes an automatic high-level safety cutoff to prevent overfilling. Integrated into the panel are a radar transmitter and float switches for alarm systems and digital level display control. Additionally, an output signal is provided for remote monitoring purposes.

Top Fill Assembly: Comes with a camlock connection, isolation valve, and a drain valve to ensure a secure and leak-free connection. 

Transfer Pump (Optional): Supports the use of IBCs (1000 litre bulky boxes) when direct pump delivery is not available. (Coming Soon)

Safety Features & Configuration Options

Level Monitoring

Integrates with level switches and a transmitter to monitor for high and critical levels, enhancing safety by preventing overfills.

Automatic Pump Shutdown

Automatically cuts power to the pump at critical tank levels, preventing spillage and ensuring compliance.

Attached Setup

Best for locations when the chemical unloading area is within 5-6 metres of the tank.

Standalone Setup

Best for locations when the chemical unloading area is outside of 5-6 metres of the tank

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