Domestic Tanks 200-9000 Litres

Domestic Tanks 200-9000 Litres

Looking for 1000 litre poly tanks for your home? Polymaster specialises in rainwater tanks from 200 to 9000 litres in capacity. We’ve got the right one for your needs!

Available throughout most regions across Australia, Polymaster rainwater storage tanks are manufactured to the highest quality, and are certified to:

  • AS/NZS 4766:2006 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals,
  • AS/NZS 4020:2002 Australian Standard for drinking water
  • AS 2070 Part 1 and Part 8 Australian Standard for food contact

Piece of mind

Because our round rainwater tanks are made from high quality materials, all round Polymaster certified tanks up to 50,000 litres come with a 20 year warranty (RWT range). Our Poly Choice tanks have a 10 year warranty. All our round rain water tanks feature:


  • One Piece Construction with no joins, seams or partlines down the walls and we do NOT remove the top of tanks for transport.
  • Traditional Corrugated Wall Profile cannot be substituted for strength and appearance
  • The Self Supporting Roof Design has a certified patent and registered design, eliminating the need of a roof support pole.
  • Moulded lugs in the roof of the tank enable easy lifting and can be used as tiedown points
  • Food grade polyethylene used for all Polymaster Rainwater Tanks is also fully UV stabilised in all colours

View our entire range of round tanks, including our larger rural rainwater tank range. Call Polymaster today 1800 062 064 to discuss your water storage needs and our team will assist you in selecting the perfect size tank for you!