Level Indicator – Liquidator – Suitable for Corrosive Liquids



A versatile liquid indicator, the Liquidator is suitable for water and a wide range of chemicals including fertiliser, waste water, molasses, acids, wine, olive oil, chemicals, oils, etc.

Like the Levetator, it is true reading, the indicator matches the water level exactly.

Note: The guide tube (which may be round or square) is not supplied with the Liquidator but can be readily obtained from hardware or plumbing supply stores. Tube can be made of plastic or thin wall metal pipe up to 2″ in diameter.


  • Adaptable to Roof Shapes – steep roofs up to 45 degrees can easily be accommodated, thanks to the pivoted pulley housing
  • Compatible with concrete, fibreglass, plastic, timber, corrugated steel, steel panel, round, oval or square tanks
  • Suits tanks up to 3 metres high – longer cords available for taller tanks
  • Chemical compatibility – The only part in contact with the liquid is the polyethylene float meaning the Liquidator is compatible with a wide range of liquids
  • True reading – the indicator matches the water level exactly due to the simple float and pulley system
  • Visibility – 100 metres plus, day or night, thanks to the reflective red band
  • Insect and weather proof – all moving parts are fully enclosed and the only point of entry is where the indicator cord emerges through a close fitting grommet protecting against dust and mosquitos


What makes Polymaster tanks the toughest?

  • Self-supporting roof design means no support poles are necessary
  • Extra thick corrugated walls for maximum strength
  • Double strength UV+ resin ensures ultimate protection against Australia’s harsh sun
  • One-piece construction with no joins, seams or part-lines
  • Certification to AS/NZ4766 tank standard
  • 22 COLORBOND® colours
  • 20 Year Warranty for peace of mind! *conditions apply
  • Fast delivery of rainwater tanks – delivered within 21 days

Australian Made

Fast Delivery

Up To A 20 Year Warranty

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