IBC Mother Tank


Uniquely different, the Polymaster IBC Day Storage Mother Tank is a smart piece of engineering – to say the least.

Many Polymaster customers use the Day Storage Mother Tank as a temporary storage solution when relocating or building a factory. Their versatility gives operators a safe design to transfer and hold corrosive substances in a complete package.

IBC’s are unquestionably an effective way to transport 1000ltrs of liquid around the countryside, however their inherent design can cause frustration for users as they:

  • are difficult to drain 100% (leaving up to $100 of chemical on the bottom of the IBC) &
  • create OH&S issues when disconnecting as residual chemicals can splash on operators.


  • Certified to HSNOCOP 61:2012 – Standard for Rotationally Moulded  Polyethylene Storage Tanks for Non Flammable Hazardous Substances
  • A 1500L holding tank will completely drain the IBC with excess capacity available
  • 100% draining occurs as a result of a 3⁰ gradient is built into the cradle where the IBC positioned atop
  • Gravity feed –no pump required
  • Camlock fill connection + flexible hoses
  • Continual operational – pumps etc
  • Splash guards
  • Bund with grate
  • 2-way Forklift lift access
  • Engineered for heavy weight chemicals
  • Designed for IBC to be stored on top
  • S/Steel or PP fittings available


  • Sight tube
  • Connections
  • Stainless steel options available
  • Agitators
  • Heaters
  • Fume Scrubbers




Camlock fill connection

Sump Outlet

Provides complete drainage

Overflow line

Spray Guard

Solid sheeting for spray guard


One-piece PE tank

Support Frame

Support frame to suit IBC


Capacity: 1500L
Height: 1880mm
Length: 1150mm
Width: 1150mm

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