60 Teat Mobile Gravity Milk Feeder with Tandem Wheels

Australian Made
Australian Made

60 Teat Mobile Gravity Milk Feeder with Tandem Wheels

RRP $10,250
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Calf rearing doesnt get any easier than this.

Only Polymaster calf feeders have all the features and benefits that make the Australian calf rearing job that much easier. Continually improving models to make calf feeding more pleasurable. Milk is at the teat as soon as the valve is turned on.

Dimensions : 1550W x 3100L x 1500H
Capacity : 800ltr
  • Fully hot-dipped galvanised frame
  • Screw-on teats can be replaced with blanks for an exact amount of teats
  • Adjustable foldaway jockey wheel
  • Built in backwash
  • Self cleaning washing head used in tank
  • 2 x large hinged filling lids
  • Sump drains to front of unit for bucket filling or easy cleaning
  • Two cleanable manifolds, controlled by two valves
  • Level guage included
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Australian Made
Australian Made

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Australian Made
Australian Made

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