Polymaster’s Tank Quality ‘Gives Security’

18 October, 2016

GDay Tony,

We needed a new Poly tank to go in a odd size area on the old barn, over the years we have always bought another major brand but in this case Polymaster was the only one we liked that fitted just right under the gutter line. So the next thing we did was to do a net review search on your tanks, well, all looked really good but I have to say the opposite applied to the manufacture of the tanks I`ve purchased in the past. With that in mind I went down to our local retailer who supply both the two types of tanks and I asked about any problems they may have come across with either one.

They raised their eyebrows and said Polymaster was fine but the other brand just had 4 tanks split in the last three months which caused great drama for the customers.

Anyway we ordered a Polymaster for the first time and without a long wait it was delivered to us in SA in just over 2 weeks.

Anyway, the truck arrived with driver (Daniel) with a smile and a very pleasant attitude, he was a great help and assisted with the moving and right location of the tank.

One could see that the tank was a far greater quality then the ones I have been used to, the walls were much thicker, the roof was much stronger and a major thing stood out, the whole of the walls were moulded in one piece and not having the mould in two halves stuck together like the opposition.

OK, that made our mind up, we still have a number of tanks to buy and I just ordered another one today, that is, although they are dearer to buy but Polymaster is the only one that will give me the security of knowing that when I wake in the morning that my rainwater is not on the ground.

Thank you for the quality,\

Richard Gemmell.


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