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“As a General Contractor to a large fuel distributor in NZ on the DEF (AdBlue®) programme, we have been really impressed with the Polymaster tanks in terms of their ease of installation, and general commissioning. This coupled with the quality responsive service we receive from Polymaster on all aspects relating to pricing, tank modifications, production updates and freight is a winning formula.” H.Broad – National Project & Service Manager – Sitecare Limited


A multi-national petrochemical company with a chain of approximately 120 owned retail sites in NZ required a reliable Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue®) storage and supply solution for their customers. Each location had a requirement to store at least 10,000ltrs which was to be integrated into their Fuel Management System via their retail dispensers. All sites were existing, therefore, an above-ground solution was necessary. With Safety and the Environment as a foundation of their corporate responsibility, they sought a storage solution that ensured operator safety and the protection of the environment. They needed to work with a company that was capable of either modifying a proven existing solution or tailor-making one from the ground up.


Polymaster’s ‘off-the-shelf’ 10,000ltr bunded forecourt package, including a Franklin submersible pump, power control box, stainless steel pipework, overfill protection, digital level indicator and hi/low level & bund alarms was a close to perfect option.
The standard Polymaster forecourt constructed with refrigerated panelling to naturally control internal & external temperatures and secured to a galvanised frame with a lockable cabinet for the filling and monitoring equipment needed additional features:

  1. External Emergency Shower for operators
  2. Seismic Frame to comply with NZ standards
  3. Roof Safety Railing with removable ladder
  4. Increased internal lighting for night filling &
  5. Increased operator visibility into the internal bund area

The engineering team jumped on the solution for their sites and worked with local authorities to ensure all safety and environmental requirements were met.
The end result was a ‘beefed-up’ AdBlue® Forecourt perfect for the New Zealand landscape.


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