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Innovation and quality every step of the way

At Polymaster, we know that your problem needs a solution. Whether you are designing a complicated industrial solution or just need some advice on what solution will best solve your problem, our team of engineers, project managers and delivery drivers are there.

Project Management

Our dedicated project managers take full control of all our industrial projects to ensure they stay on time and within budget, as well as providing you with the convenience of a single point of contact. At Polymaster our highly experienced project managers have an in-depth knowledge of industrial projects.


Working closely with your engineering team, our own highly skilled engineers are ready to assist with all mechanical, polymer and chemical related requirements. Drawings are provided ensuring we’ve met your construction brief so there are no surprises with the delivered project. CAD drawings are available to your design team to save them precious time, so they can incorporate them into your overall plant drawings.

Research & Development

Because of our hands-on-approach to design, our R&D team are continually creating new products and ways to store and dispense of liquids. These innovative developments often happen along-side our forward-thinking clients that have very unique requirements in mind.

Manufacturing & Installation

From processing our own raw materials through to finished product and final fit-out, we have control over the entire manufacturing process to ensure absolute quality is upheld at every stage.
Installation is a key part of Polymaster’s end-to-end solution. Having a wide range of inhouse expertise allows us to effectively install all solutions or provide installation


Whether it’s supplying the complete package from start-to-finish or simply being one piece in our client’s build, we can provide a level of service to suit every application. Our resource library is one way to ‘cut through’ the complexity of chemical storage requirements. Our team can provide you with critical steps from GA Drawings, datasheets, through to footprint optimisation of a plant.


Polymaster tanks can be delivered direct to any site. We arrange specific delivery times to suit your timetable and on-site requirements. Our logistics team are highly skilled at handling oversized freight – its what they do every day. Over the last 25 years we’ve learnt a few tricks along the way, so they are more than happy to offer unloading assistance when needed.

Product certifications and Quality Assurance

Our tanks undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality. This includes hydrostatic testing and ultrasonic thickness testing to ensure the material we’re using is the correct thickness. For our impact testing, a sample from each tank is frozen and impact is applied from a specified height.

  • PRODUCT CERTIFICATION to the Rainwater tank Standard AS/NZS 4766:2006 for peace of mind. Licence no. BMP657671 & BMP650824

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE Polymaster only produces quality products and service, certifying us for the international standard for quality management ISO9001

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