Understanding the conditions on a mine site is important when proposing a tank solution.

Understanding the conditions on a mine site is important when proposing a tank solution.

Polymaster tanks a literally dotted throughout the remotest of locations in Australia, facing and standing up to the elements.  Ensuring they perform as designed is critical whether its to help treat water or to provide a safe solution to store chemicals.

Designs are analysed and reviewed against operator safety, leading to the development of customer-led innovative products such as the Enclosed IBC Bund.  The self-bund chemical tank is another example of a practical solution for storing chemicals in these environments.

Chemical Storage
1,500ltrs to 30,000ltr and 1SG - 2SG
View Range Chemical Storage
Cone Bottom Tanks
600ltrs to 30,000ltrs and 1SG - 1.5SG
View Range Cone Bottom Tanks
Industrial Water
200ltr to 50KL and 1SG - 2SG
View Range Industrial Water
IBC Storage
Store and dispense safely for your IBC safety
View Range IBC Storage
Fire Fighting
Water cartage suitable for fire fighting and watering
View Range Fire Fighting
Diesel Storage
Bulk Storage, Ute Packs, Trailers, Transfer tanks and accessories
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AdBlue® Storage
AdBlue® storage and dispensing tanks
View Range AdBlue® Storage

Highest Quality & Standards

Food Grade

Food-grade polyethylene, certified to AS/NZS4020, the Australian standard for drinking water

Quality Assurance

Polymaster is certified for the international standard for quality management ISO9001

Product Certification

Standard AS/NZS 4766:2006 for peace of mind. Licence no. BMP657671 & BMP650824

What Our Clients Say

“We’ve found working with Polymaster to be a positive experience. The quality of the products which we have used has been very high, and the willingness and technical capacity of the staff to tackle non-routine engineering modifications has given us confidence in the finished build.”
P. Baker
Land Energy Pty Ltd
"The decision to sell Polymaster tanks to my customers is an easy one due to the fact that I strongly believe they are the best quality tanks on the market and I can confidently stand by the product I am supplying."
David Hartwig
Plumbing Contractor
"We are very pleased with the choice we made to go with Polymaster due to the quality and excellent service. We will endeavour to use more Polymaster tanks as we continue to upgrade our property. "
Bridgewater SA

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