Retention and Detention Tanks

Comply to council requirements for retention / detention tanks.  All certified Polymaster tanks can be easily modified to meet council specifications Australia-wide.  Available through 1600+ agricultural and plumbing stores

Take the pressure off your municipal water system with a retention/detention water tank.

Retention/Detention tanks are becoming more and more common in the urban setting. This is being driven by local councils looking at way to minimise flash flooding in areas by controlling how the water flow into the stormwater system.

How it works?  When we face a heavy downpour, traditionally the water hitting roof-tops would directly flow into the downpipe and out the stormwater drain.  If you can image all the houses feeding the stormwater at once, you would immediately see a huge volume of water hitting the stormwater and water ways at the same time.  When this occurs water backs up causing flooding.

The retention/detention system was adopted by council to ensure that at any time when it first rains, houses fitted with one of these tanks, there would ALWAYS be a set amount of excess capacity (up to 60%) is available to collect the water running off the roof and not immediately go into the stormwater.  By reducing the amount draining into stormwater, the pressure on the drains is reduce.

These tanks have a fitting up the side wall of the tank that is connected to stormwater and over a longer period of time is automatically released therefore slowly emptying the tank. The tank will then empty to the designed level, making it ready for the next down pour.

Polymaster Fittings At Polymaster our team can ensure your retention/detention tank is fitted correctly to meet your council requirements.  Available from 200L to 50,000L