Self Draining Tank

A self-draining chemical tank suits all chemicals to allow complete drainage of liquids up to and including 1.5SG. This range is available in 23KL, 28KL and 33KL and can be equipped the full range of fittings/nozzles as you would find on any of the Polymaster Chemical and Process Water tanks.

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100% Self-Draining

With the tanks’ sloping base to centre connected to a channel to the side, this tank leaves virtually no liquid on the bottom. The outlet drain can be 2” (50mm) to 3” (75mm) to suit the application. Engineered to suit up to 1.5SG liquids, you can custom design with telemetry, fittings and connect to the Polymaster stand-alone dosing system which is housed within the double-door cabinet.

Image Product Capacity Diameter Height
Self Draining Tank 23,000ltrs 3450 3054 View Product Options
Self Draining Tank 28,000ltrs 3450 3601 View Product Options
Self Draining Tank 33,000ltrs 3450 4149 View Product Options