Calving & Cattle

Affordable, hygienic calf-feeding doesn’t get any easier than this.

Polymaster offers the widest range available of calf-feeders, parts, and accessories. Made in Victoria, Australia, all our products are built to withstand the Australian climate using UV stabilised poly.

Our Calf Feeding Range includes; Mobile feeders, fence feeders, hay and grain feeders, and animal care

Fence Feeders
Fence Feeders
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Cattle Molasses Tanks & Feeders - Cattle
Proven method of supplementary feeding using molasses, water and urea mixes.
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Mobile Gravity Milk Feeders
Mobile Gravity Feeders 400ltr to 800ltr capacity
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Animal Care
Footrot Baths to protect your livestock from bacteria
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Dry Feeders
Minimise feed wastage when using dry pellet feeders and troughs.
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