Single Skin AdBlue® Round Tank 2,000ltr



Designed and manufactured by Polymaster for Australian conditions. Our PE material is UV stabilised for Australia’s harsh sun so its suitable for coastal locations as well.

Tested and certified to Australian standards AS/NZS 4766 and with a 5 year warranty this is the ideal fleet solution for your bulk diesel storage needs.

  • External liquid level indicator
  • SS Pipework
  • 2″ SS Drybreak
  • 2” Outlet and Ball Valve
  • Earthing Rod
  • Breather Vents
  • Screw Lid – Inspection Hatch


BMS2000RPB 1175mm  (D) 2355mm (H)
BMS4000RPB 1600mm (D) 2300mm (H)
BMS5000RPB 1800mm (D) 2300mm (H)
BMS7000RPB 2200mm (D) 2300mm (H)
BMS10000RPB 2480mm (D) 2450mm (H)
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