9000L Fish Farm Tanks | Food Grade, Virgin Polyethylene | PolymasterTank with tapered base 9000ltr



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Polymaster offers a wide range of aquaculture tanks and accessories in food-grade, virgin polyethylene for healthy, productive fisheries and enterprises.

  • Sloping bottom with purpose built all poly base.
  • Unique sump moulded in one piece with tank.
  • Excellent height for efficient fish handling.
  • Poly water level controller fits under top lip of tank.
  • No internal pipework in tank to damage fish or get in the way.

*pump shown for illustration purposes only

*pump to be ordered separately



No internal Pipework


All bases moulded to allow sump pipe to be fitted prior to installing on base.


Sump incorporates plumb quick for easy connection to piework replaces the onld uniseal method.

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