Round Process Tank 4,500T Ltr

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These tanks are certified to the Polyethylene tank standard for Water & Chemicals – Standard AS/NZS4766:2006  Licence No. SMKP 21429

Polymaster Industrial Tanks & Vessels feature:

  • Specific Gravities from 1SG – 2SG
  • Operating temperatures from -18ºC up to +50ºCelsius.
  • FEA Engineered Design with NO internal pole
  • Custom Process Connections →600NB
  • Multiple types of PE available
  • Double Strength UV+ resin for ultimate protection against Australia’s harsh sun
  • Australian Made



Range of Custom Outlets Available

Corrugated Wall

Corrugated Wall for Strength


90mm Overflow fitting


One piece construction, moulded with no joins, seams or part-lines down the walls. At no stage is the roof cut off and put back on.

Lifting Lug

Moulded lugs for easy lifting and tie-down points.

Self Supporting Roof

The Self Supporting Roof Design eliminates the need for a centre support pole.


Capacity: 4500 ltr (1000 gallons)
Diameter: 1700mm
Overall Height: 2200mm
Manway Height: 2100mm

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