Dieselmaster Bunded Tank – Ranger Series

Australian Made
Australian Made

Dieselmaster Bunded Tank – Ranger Series

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The Polymaster Diesel Ranger double walled tank is an above ground diesel storage solution. Suitable for agriculture, mining, construction, trade and many more industries where diesel is required to be stored and dispensed.

The Dieselmaster Ranger Diesel tank is delivered as a PLUG & PLAY setup with everything you need already factory fitted as standard. It also includes a digital fluid meter to measure vehicle usage and a power control box with auto time out (10mins) and emergency stop.

Safely store and dispense your Diesel knowing the self-bunded tank, is a tank within a tank. It has double poly walls that prevent spills and leakage onsite.  Australian made and built for the harsh Australian sun a poly tank won’t rust.

  • Quality Italian Piusi 240V Diesel pump up to 70LPM
  • 6mtr hose with automatic trigger nozzle
  • Auto-shutoff nozzle holster
  • Digital level indicator
  • High/Low level and bund alarms
  • Mechanical overfill protection
  • Power control box with Emergency STOP
  • 10mins auto-timeout of continual use
  • 2” camlock & ball valve for quick filling
  • 30micron water capture filter
  • Digital fluid meter
  • Lockable secure cabinet to house equipment
  • External bunded tank and cabinet constructed of UV sun tough material – flame retardant
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Australian Made
Australian Made

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Australian Made
Australian Made

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