Chemical Dosing Tank 210Ltr


Polymaster’s innovative new dosing tanks are a safer and more effective solution for storing and dosing chemicals such as chlorine as the Polyethylene material will not corrode, as opposed to other storing methods which will wear away over time. Furthermore Polymaster tanks prevent gassing off on pump suction lines by inserting suction lines at the base of the tank.

A dosing pump adds a carefully measured amount of diluted chlorine to the system as the water passes into a tank. The amount of chlorine in the water needs to be monitored continuously to ensure the level stays within the recommended limits. Too little and not all the contaminants will be destroyed, too much and it can be harmful to human health. The ideal set up for dosing chlorine in an easy-to-use system, is for a dosing pump to be mounted to a small Polymaster dosing tank. For a larger system, larger tanks are available from the Polymaster range.

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Dosing Pump (not included)

The dosing pump allows for an accurate amount of chemical to be added to your solution.


Optional mount bracket


Flat top for easy mount of pumps and equipment


150mm Inspection Lid


Capacity indicator moulded into tank


20mm threaded outlet

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