Chemical Storage Tank 22,500Ltr

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Polymaster above ground Chemical Storage Tanks are a very efficient way to safely manage chemicals on site.

The key to the chemical storage tank is to have a tank that provides safe storage. To ensure safe storage of chemicals, the tank or container must be compatible with the chemical to be stored.  Polymaster Chemical Storage Tanks are compatible with over 1900 chemicals including ammonia, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, sulphuric acid, food ingredients and more. Check out our Chemical Compatibility Chart for details about which chemicals can be safely stored in Polymaster Chemical tanks.

The complete range of chemical and industrial storage solutions, also hazardous storage tanks, are designed and manufactured to comply with industry standards and stringent regulations as well as providing resilience in the harsh Australian environment.

Polymaster tanks can be custom built with specific fittings and accessories depending on your requirements.

Polymaster Industrial Tanks & Vessels feature:

  • Specific Gravities up to 2SG
  • Operating temperatures from -18ºC to +50ºC.
  • FEA Engineered Design with NO internal pole
  • Custom Process Connections →600NB
  • Multiple types of PE available
  • Double Strength UV+ resin for ultimate protection against Australia’s harsh sun
  • Australian Made


Capacity: 22500 ltr (5000 gallons)
Diameter: 3573mm
Overall Height: 2879mm
Manway Height: 2559mm

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