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It’s just got better...

Polymaster has increased the warranty on all premium certified round tanks from 10 years to 20 years!

This further backs up our established company culture – People and products you can trust now and in the future!
We’re assured this will give you added confidence in the Polymaster brand!

*Conditions apply, download below guide for details.
*20 year warranty applies to premium corrugated round tanks purchased since Dec 2012. Premium tanks purchased previous to Dec 2012 have a 10 year warranty.

Pro-Rata Warranties:

  • Corrugated Tanks 200 – 50000L: 20 Years
  • Smooth Wall Tanks 2000 - 27000L: 10 Years
  • Premium Slimline Tanks 600 – 5000L: 10 Years
  • PolyChoice Slimline Tanks: 7 Years
  • Underground Tanks: 7 Years

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