25mm Digital AdBlue Meter

Australian Made
Australian Made

25mm Digital AdBlue Meter

RRP $360

Advanced transfer accessories and pump kits for optimal AdBlue® handling.

Turbine Digital Urea Flow Meter

Meter can also be used for Beer, Wine and Animal Milk (to feed animals)

Easy to install, inline or at the end of the delivery hose, it is provided with a compact easy readable display. It is possible to apply the meter directly to the nozzle.

Users can easily change the 2 batteries (AAA size) and the display can be rotated in 4 different positions.


  • High-quality European components
  • Certified for AdBlue® contact
  • Available as an addition to Bluemaster™ Stations
Impulse Type Signals
  • Single channel, reed switch
  • Electronic card with LCD display: 5 digit partial total from 0.1 to 99999, 6 digit total from 1 to 999999
  • Resettable total available
  • Flow rate indication
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Australian Made
Australian Made

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Self-suppoting roof design means no support poles are necessary
Extra thick corrugated walls for maximum strength
Double strength UV+ resin ensures ultimate protection against the harsh sun
One-piece construction with no joins, seams or part-lines

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Australian Made
Australian Made

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