Double-walled Self Bunded Tanks

Double-walled Self Bunded Tanks

The Polymaster range of ‘Plug-n-Play’ Diesel Self-Bunded tanks will suit everyone, from filling up the truck fleet, to the hire equipment in a yard, through to the large number of machines on the property.

Avoid the SERVO

Buying in bulk can save you 10’s of thousands of dollars every year compared to filling up at the local service station. Customers report a saving of up to 25c/ltr when they convert over.

A Diesel ESSENTIAL can pay for itself in less than 6 fills.

‘Plug-n-Play’ – Everything Included

These Bunded Diesel tanks are literally set up with everything you need to effectively have your own servo on-site. They include:

  • Tank measurement (digital)
  • Tanker filling connections (2” camlock)
  • Diesel pump, hose and nozzle for dispensing
  • Security (lockable cabinet)
  • Weatherproof (built to stay outside – tanks have a 25yr design life)

Three Models to Choose From

  1. Diesel Essential: 10kl
  2. Diesel Ranger: 2.3kl to 10kl (5 sizes)
  3. Diesel Quantum: 2.3kl to 10kl (5 sizes)

Extract – AS1940-2017 Storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids Polyethylene or composite storage tanks for minor storage

This clause specifies requirements for the storage of combustible liquids within above-ground polyethylene storage tanks that are rotationally moulded in one-piece seamless construction in accordance with AS/NZS 4766, or composite tanks, as follows:

a) The maximum capacity of such tanks shall not exceed 10,000ltrs

b) Such tanks shall have provision to dissipate static electricity and prevent splash filling

c) Such tanks shall have sufficient means for venting to prevent damage to the tank as a result of normal operational use of the tank

d) Such tanks are to be located within a bund compliant with Clause 5.8

These compliant double-walled tanks:

  • Are portable – Easy to move around the site. When empty a forklift can be used.
  • Are stronger than steel – check out this Poly versus Steel blog
  • Have a non-combustible outer tank
  • Are safe and secure – lockable cabinet
  • Has a fuel management system available to monitored use
  • 110% bund capacity to contain spills
  • Are fast to install. All components preassembled &
  • Have skids available to make them even tougher than they already are

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