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Fence Hung Calf Feeders

Fence Hung Calf Feeders

We offer a large range of calf feeders for a large range of situations. They offer a number of features and benefits designed to help make the Australian calf rearing job a lot easier.

These Australian made calfaterias (milkmaid calf feeders) are suitable to feed calves from birth through to weaning.

Features of these calf feeders:
•They are available with either screw-on poly teats or peach teats
•There is a large teat spacing which provides calves plenty of room to feed.
•They are UV stabilised poly for long outdoor use
•2.5 litres each division: MM5, MM8
•2 litres each division: MM12, MM13
•The teat caps easily unscrew to wash out the feeders
•They feature adjustable galvanised hanging brackets which suit rail spacing

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