Lower Murray Water


Chemical Bunded Tank


Lower Murray Water is a Victorian Water corporation that delivers water and sewerage services across the North/West corner Victoria, from Koondrook to Merbein. It supplies rural water for farming and agriculture purposes and is one of only a few hybrid water businesses in Victoria. Lower Murray Water provides services to around 74,000 urban residents and 4,700 irrigation customers, across an area from Kerang through to the South Australian border. Their operations cover the running and maintenance of 9 water treatment plants and 10 wastewater treatment plants.


Lower Murray Water water treatment plant in Swan Hill had an existing caustic tank in a bunded enclosure where both tank and bund were nearing the end of their design life. As the bund required civil work to bring it back to specification the Lower Murray Water engineering team explored a self bunded design to increase their holding capacity without increasing the combined tank and bund footprint on site.


Polymaster installed a self bunded tank to store the Sodium Hydroxide they were using to adjust the pH levels in the water. These tanks comply to all bunding specifications – AS3780-2008 The storage and handling of corrosive substances and are certified to design standards – AS/NZS4766-2006 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals.

If not stored correctly, the Sodium Hydroxide can crystalize and turn into a solid. It is an extremely corrosive chemical, so it needs to be stored safely. A 10,000L Polymaster Self Bunded tank was the ideal choice for Lower Murray Water. They previously installed the same tank at their Kerang site, and the decision to do the same for Swan Hill was easy. The tanks are manufactured from a high anti-oxidant polyethylene, which means they are not subject to corrosion from most chemicals. By switching to a larger capacity tank, they can purchase their chemicals in bulk and make cost savings across the two locations. These tanks are fully UV resistant and come with a 25-year design life. Manufactured in Australia, to Australian standards, these tanks are made to last.


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