Slimline Tank 2,020ltr & Hyjet Pump (multi storey)


Your 6 star rating is easy with our 2020L Tank & Multi-Story (550 watt) Pump Combination

Save Space: This small-footprint tank can be placed right against a wall as there is an overflow on both ends instead of central, so your pipework uses less space.
Save Time: Flexible hoses reduce hook-up time to 10 minutes. And, we put fittings on both sides of the tank so you don’t need these details at order stage.
Save Money: Free on-time delivery to the Melbourne metro area. Easy, ready-to-go installation. Time = money.

  • Dimensions 2105L x 735W x 2010H
  • Capacity 2020 ltr

Colours are shown for illustrative purposes only and may vary.

What makes Polymaster tanks the toughest?

  • Self-supporting roof design means no support poles are necessary
  • Extra thick corrugated walls for maximum strength
  • Double strength UV+ resin ensures ultimate protection against Australia’s harsh sun
  • One-piece construction with no joins, seams or part-lines
  • Certification to AS/NZ4766 tank standard
  • 22 COLORBOND® colours
  • 20 Year Warranty for peace of mind! *conditions apply
  • Fast delivery of rainwater tanks – delivered within 21 days

Australian Made

Fast Delivery

Up To A 20 Year Warranty


Leaf Screen

Cleaner water with our 400mm mosquito-proof leaf screen, positioned in the centre of the tank


Large 90mm overflow on both ends means less pipework required and an easier installation. This also means you don’t need these details at order stage.  A cap is included for whichever end isn’t in use

Design & Certification

New modern design, FEA testing approved & certified to AS/NZS 4766:2006 tank standard to ensure you receive only the best


Easy grip moulded handles make manoeuvring on site simple and not back-breaking


Door conceals integrated pump (550 watt pump, multi storey), giving you a neat looking tank while protecting the pump


Two 25mm spinweld outlets come standard, so it doesn’t matter where your drain is located.  A plug is included for whichever end isn’t in use


22 Colorbond colours to compliment any home

HYJET 550W Pump with flexible hoses

Pump is built into the tank before it leaves the factory with flexible hoses attached to reduce connection time to 10 minutes


Height: 2010 mm

Width: 735 mm

Length: 2105 mm

Capacity: 2020 ltr (444 gallons)

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