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Waterguard Rainwater Tank

At Polymaster, we understand the importance of fresh water for you or your family.
Waterguard, our exclusive new range of antimicrobial tanks is built with Sanitized® Protection,
a safe treatment which keeps the tanks cleaner & fresher for longer.

  • 6 Star EnergyRating
  • Australian Made
  • Free Deliver To Site in Selected States
  • Safely Treated with Antimicrobial Technology
  • Better for the Environment

Your Water Stays Fresh

Organic matter such as algae, mould and mildew can build-up inside your tank, which can make it dirty, and contaminate your rainwater. Our antimicrobial treatment actively protects against this, keeping your family safe from harmful bacteria and extending the life of your tank.

WATERGUARD Reduces Bacteria
WATERGUARD Reduces Odours

Australia’s 1st Antimicrobial Poly Rainwater Tank

We have partnered with SANITIZED AG to create Australia’s 1st Antimicrobial Poly Rainwater Tank, Waterguard.

SANITIZED AG is the leading worldwide producer of the Sanitized® antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection for textiles and polymers.

For over 80 years the company has been doing pioneering work and developing innovative, effective and safe technologies for antimicrobial treatment.

Better Quality Water For Your Family

Installing any Polymaster tank helps you save money and the environment. Using rainwater to wash clothes, water the garden, fll the pool or even flush the toilet will save you money and protect the environment against pollution in our waterways by diverting storm-water runoff.


Cost Effective

Only Polymaster gives you the option of an antimicrobial additive included in the rainwater tank’s polymer during the manufacturing process. It’s a more convenient and cost-effective way to safeguard your tank against bacteria.

WATERGUARD Minimal Cleaning
WATERGUARD Longer Tank Life

Rainwater tanks can save up to

40,000 Litres of water a year*

Health & Safety

All Polymaster products are subject to rigorous health and safety testing. Our tanks are BPA free, made from food-grade polyethylene and certified to AS/NZS4020, which is the Australian standard for drinking water.


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Our Products

Waterguard Logo Small

Available in 3 different models

Polymaster SlimlineTank
Slimline Rainwater Tanks

The Slimline rainwater tank has been designed for maximum water volume with minimum footprint at the best value for money.

  • Available for 2000L – 3000L
  • Suitable for urban properties where space is minimal
  • 7 year warranty
Polymaster SlimlineTankPackage
Slimline Tank & Pump Package

Install faster with our 2020L tank with built-in pump to reduce connection time to less than 10 mins.

  • New modern design, quick to install with a built in pump
  • Available for Single and DoubleStorey pump combinations
  • 10 year warranty
Polymaster DomesticRainwaterTank
Round Rainwater Tanks

Large Rainwater Tanks are well suited to rural properties or large town blocks where plenty of water storage is required, especially in combination with a second tank when rainwater is your main supply for household use.

  • Available for 200 - 9000 litres
  • Suitable for small rural properties
  • 20 year warranty
  • One piece construction

All our Rain Water Tanks are manufactured to:
AS/NZS 4766:2006 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals.
AS/NZS 4020: 2002 Australian Standard for drinking water
AS 2070 Part 1 and Part 8 Australian Standard for food contract.

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