Master Tub Trough 4,500ltr



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The ultimate in round troughs

  • Very strong, robust design
  • Easy to service
  • Full float protection
  • New 75 mm bung – great cleaning
  • Drain bung at very base of trough, so max. amount of water will empty out when draining
  • Easy service 1″ float valve
  • Higher rating valves available on request
  • All pipework protected by trough surround
  • Refer to price book for fitted codes for optional 40mm or 50mm valves


Float Enclosure

Float enclosure moulded as part of trough

Pipe Work

All pipe protected by trough surround

Maximum Capacity

Raised float allows trough to fill completely


Diameter :  3370mm  (11″)
Height :      640mm


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