Bird In Hand Winery


A water treatment company had a wastewater project for a winery in South Australia. Bird in Hand is a family winery located in South Australia. The Woodside estate’s eighty fertile acres enjoy the seaside influence of the Gulf of St. Vincent complimented by the cloudiness of the Mount Lofty Ranges.

The winery had a system in place where wastewater from the wine processing facility was collected from the 80 acres of vineyard and pumped into a dam on the premises.

The wastewater from the vineyard contains a lot of waste materials, and when they settle out, they create a sludge layer on the bottom of the dam, which could be hazardous to the environment.

The winery contacted the water treatment company to set up a system to aid in water recycling and sludge disposal. With the installation of this new wastewater treatment facility, the winery took measures to remediate the sludge within the dam.


Polymaster were able to provide tanks to support the efficient operation of this wastewater treatment facility. Now, the dam has an aerator, which helps the sludge rise to the surface.

The new system now pumps the sludge off the top into the wastewater treatment plant, which is inside a shed. The sludge is then pumped into Polymaster’s cone bottom tanks, which helps separate the water from the sludge.

The clear water then rises to the top of the cone bottom tank and is removed and stored in Polymaster’s 22,500ltr holding tank. This water is then recycled and used in the winery’s irrigation system on-site. The cone bottom tanks are the real stand in this set-up as they have a custom internal clarifier assembly. This helps to separate the solids and water more effectively through a continuous process.

It included an internal stilling well for the inlet feed, to prevent any liquid entering the tank from stirring up the contents that had already settled out in the tank and then directs the solids to the bottom of the tank. And the other assembly was the discharge weir assembly, designed to take the clean water from the top section of the tank, without collecting any of the scum sitting on the surface.


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