Coopers Brewery


To say they were ‘born to brew’ may seem like a bold statement, but after dedicating over 150 years to the art of brewing it’s in their blood. For six generations they have been the custodians of a proud legacy that began in 1862 when Thomas Cooper brewed his first batch of ale. The fusion of traditional Coopers brewing methods with cutting edge production technology has helped Coopers grow their capacity and deliver consistent brew quality and flavour. As a result, they now can produce naturally conditioned ales and stouts for a global audience, with absolute confidence that whenever one of their signature beers is poured, the drinker will enjoy a quality Coopers brew. This marriage of century-old brewing techniques and modern innovation is what makes Coopers unique in Australia’s brewing landscape.


Coopers had an outdated IBC day tank system which posed an OHS and environmental issue and didn’t fit with the aesthetics of the Coopers infrastructure.
The brewery uses a broad range of chemicals in significant quantities, so they required a new storage solution for these chemicals that would fit in with their overall plan and design of their plant.

Coopers wanted the flexibility to be able to relocate the new chemical storage if required at a later date. The ongoing issue that many chemical
storage facilities have, of capturing rainwater was also a concern to Coopers. Limited space was available & minimal construction disturbance to the site was also high on their requirements


Polymaster was able to provide a solution with its unique Self Bunded Tanks, that ticked the box on all of the client’s requirements. The tanks were fitted with a lockable cabinet to house the electrical control panels, instrumentation and pumping equipment. This protects the equipment from the weather elements, whilst keeping within the bunded area. The locking function ensures the security of the equipment and eliminates interference of the electrical control panel. Custom pipework connections were installed to suit Coopers application process for chemical delivery. Providing a solution that fitted in aesthetically with the existing plant infrastructure was of high importance to Coopers. Polymaster was also able to colour match the self-bunded tanks to fit in with their requirements. By eliminating additional concrete bunding, these tanks helped to reduce onsite costs, save on-site time & reduce footprint… all whilst complying to Australian Standards.


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  • Delivery


Polymaster’s ability to completely customise each individual tank with different fittings and orientations to suit both engineering and aesthetic requirements is one of the services which meant the final product delivered looked even better than the concept presented to the customer.