Incitec Pivot


Chemical Storage Tank 22500Ltr


Owned by Dyno Nobel, Incitec Pivot’s purpose is to make people’s lives better by unlocking the world’s natural resources through innovation. Their global manufacturing facilities produce a wide range of explosives, fertilisers and industrial chemicals.

As well as owning manufacturing plants in America, Australia, Asia and Turkey, they have joint venture operations in many other countries. They play an important role in enabling sustainable food production to meet the rapidly rising demand for food worldwide.


Incitec Pivot approached Polymaster to assist them in the design, manufacture and delivery of a storage system to help them capture contaminated rainwater from their site in Portland, Victoria.

They needed to be able to treat the water before releasing it in a controlled and environmentally responsible process. The requirement was for 135kl of chemical resistant storage tanks and connecting flanges, whilst fitting into their budget and delivery timeframe requirements.


Polymaster worked extensively with Incitec Pivot throughout the process, providing budgeting support, design team collaboration and technical assistance.

Heavy-duty industrial tanks were required due to the need to minimise breakdowns on a large scale manufacturing plant. Polymaster has extensive experience in this field, with widely acclaimed expertise in the manufacture of extremely tough rotomoulded liquid storage solutions. Construction drawings were provided as part of the solution, to help Incitec Pivot ensure the construction would be dimensionally accurate and to help visualise the finished project.

Our internal project management team collaborated closely with key staff at Incitec Pivot throughout the design and production phases, ensuring the project went smoothly, and the client was well informed.


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