Petaluma Winery


Silomaster Cone Bottom Tank


Petaluma, founded in 1976, crafts ultra-premium wines by carefully selecting the best sites within a particular region suited to a chosen variety. This is their ‘distinguished vineyards’ philosophy. This pioneering attitude towards responsive and instinctive viticulture and winemaking is as uncompromising and true today as it was more than 35 years ago.
Established in 1976, Petaluma has unlocked the great potential of Riesling from the Hanlin Hill Vineyard in Clare, pioneered the Piccadilly Valley and Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills and cemented the pedigree of the Evans Vineyard in Coonawarra, South Australia.
Winemaker Andrew Hardy and the Petaluma team firmly adhere to the tenet that if the vineyards are great, and the winemaking responsive, the wines will be outstanding. Indeed, Andrew sees his role as custodian of the vineyards


Whether we are supplying the complete package from start to finish or simply being one piece in our clients build, Polymaster is able to provide a level of service to suit every application.

This design from Land Energy was able to increase Petaluma’s efficiency and volume of recycled water captured by internally modifying the conical based Silomaster.

Complete with internal stilling well, tundish overflows and a design to avoid capturing floating objects, made this a highly efficient and cost-effective solution.

Cost-efficiencies were gained with more recycled water captured and less contaminated waste disposal.

A one-piece tank moulded from UV stabilised food-grade polyethylene and mounted to a fully galvanised support structure. For ease of repositioning, the support structure incorporates fork channels which allow the silo to be moved with a forklift when empty.


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We have found working with Polymaster to be a positive experience. The quality of the products which we have used has been very high, and the willingness and technical capacity of the staff to tackle non-routine engineering modifications has given us confidence in the finished build. P.Baker – Land Energy Pty Ltd