Polymaster Goes Underground


When time and space is of the essence, what better solution than a Polymaster Underground Rainwater Tank!

McCanns Plumbing Supplies Laverton had client with a requirement for 10,000 litres of rainwater storage but the site for install was tight and the client wanted to extend their outdoor living space – effectively leaving no space for water storage above ground.  Luckily Polymaster had just the solution!

URT5000 – Out of sight, peace of mind

Two 5,000 litre tanks (URT5000) were ordered and delivered direct to site where a hole had been prepared and pipework laid by the professional team from Smart Plumbing.  Once on site, the tanks were easily lowered into the holes by hand, plumbed in and backfilled within a day – not long at all.

Risers on top of the tanks allow inspection from above ground once the tanks are buried and, in this case, the area will be covered by a deck, meaning there are no compromises for the client in outdoor living.

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