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 Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid, cone bottom tanks

Nambucca Shire

Client Background

Nambucca Shire, situated in the beautiful Nth Coast NSW, service a population of 19,200 with water & sewerage services, among other critical functions. 

Client Requirement

Nambucca Shire receives bulk deliveries of Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid (MHL) and encountered the problem of the suspension settling out in their flat bottom storage, forming a hard crust and resulting in poor consistency when utilising in their odour control system. Nambucca Shire required an alternative solution to their current storage to make receiving deliveries easier and improving the consistency of the MHL over a period of time between bulk refills, by having no ledges or flat spots for the MHL to settle out on. All of which needed to be completed within a 3-week time-frame from enquiry through to design, manufacture and delivery.

Solution Provided

Polymaster designed a custom-made solution for Nambucca that consisted of utilising our long proven top-fill system in conjunction with our Heavy Duty 1500L Cone Bottom Maxi Bin tank. The 50 degree cone with no internal ledges or flat spots was ideal for maintaining the liquid in suspension and preserving its consistency.  The frame was designed to contain liquid loads of up to 1.8SG and all fittings were welded for maximum strength, providing Nambucca with a long-term storage investment.

Scope of Work

  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Product Manufacture
  • Delivery

Client Testimonial

We were pleased with the quality of the tank. Nambucca Shire


Products Used in this project

1.5m3 Conical Storage Tank

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