Calf Feeding

Calf Feeding

Affordable, hygenic calf-feeding doesn’t get any easier than this.

Polymaster offers the widest range available of calf-feeders, parts, and accessories. Made in Victoria, Australia, all our products are built to withstand the Australian climate using UV stabilised poly.

Our Calf Feeding Range:

  • Dry Pellet Feeders & Troughs
  • Fence Hung Gravity Feeders
  • Milk Test Buckets
  • Mobile Gravity Milk Feeders
  • Teats & Accessories
  • Trough Feeder & Milk Transporter

Don’t forget to explore the rest of our range of agricultural tank solutions, including stock troughs, animal feeders and drinkers, aquaculture tanks and accessories, calf-feeding, storage and farm equipment, diesel tanks, and fire fighting & water cartage.

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