Osborn’s Transport


Osborn’s Transport founded by Reg Osborn is a local family-owned bus and truck company located in Muswellbrook, that has been servicing the region for more than 70 years,  operating over three generations.

Trucks, buses and utes make up the fleet of 43 vehicles, with buses transporting passengers to 14 different schools throughout Muswellbrook and the Upper Hunter including local routes and charter work.  The trucks and utes distribute daily newspapers from Sydney to Tamworth, Moree and Coonabarabran.


With a fleet of trucks and buses on tight timetables and deadlines, it is important that refuelling times are kept to a minimum. Having the ability to store AdBlue® in their own Muswellbrook and Scone yards, means Osborn’s transport can dispense quantities as required right on-site. This minimises the need for drivers to find the additive at other refuelling depots during their daily routes.

The Bluemaster units complement their diesel storage solution on-site.


Osborn’s transport purchased a 5,000 litre Bluemaster AdBlue® tank with dispensing unit for their Muswellbrook site a few years ago and have been so impressed with the quality and performance of the tank that it was an easy decision to purchase another AdBlue® tank to service the growing fleet.

The Bluemaster Slender Tank protects the contents from temperature damage while simplifying dispensing with the specialised 32LPM Piusi AdBlue® pump. All fittings, including a 50mm (2”) stainless steel drybreak (fill), delivery hose and auto nozzle, are corrosion resistant to withstand the aggressive nature of the AdBlue® contents. The power control panel, digital flow meter, pump and hose are all stored within a weather-proof, lockable cabinet.  Made from high quality UV stabilised polymer the design life of the product is up to the demands of even the harshest of Australian environments.

The slimline tank provides a great space-saving solution in the yard, being able to fit alongside buildings rather than having a large round footprint.

Overall savings of space and time add up to an ideal solution within a reliable, Australian Made product with tanks available to suit any size fleet or yard.


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