Diesel Tanks & Ute Packs

Superior poly diesel storage tanks and containers for a range of industrial applications

Polymaster’s full range of diesel tanks has solutions to cater to any diesel transfer situation. The first Polymaster Diesel Tank was released in Melbourne over a decade ago. And we have been continually updating our design and specifications ever since, to cater for the changing industrial demands in accordance with the requirements of the related industries.

We are meticulous about quality, using a specialised grade of polyethylene material specifically manufactured for our tanks and diesel transfer equipment. This material meets diesel grade which prevents migration and is tested to the IBC standard. By creating fully bunded diesel storage tanks, we ensure you a higher degree of security and safety when operating your equipment.

Portable poly diesel trailers and tanks designed to cater to any size job

We offer a superior choice with a broad selection of poly diesel tanks, so you can purchase your diesel tanks in the following size specifications:

  • 100 litre
  • 200 litre
  • 400 litre
  • 600 litre
  • 800 litre
  • 1200 or 2000 litre on request
  • Diesel trailers up to 3000 litres

Regardless of size, each one of our diesel tanks is individually tested before being dispatched to ensure each one meets our strict quality standards.

An extensive range of accessories is also available, including Ute Pack™ Mounting Frames and Fuel Meters, various trigger nozzles, and many pump kits.

Talk to the experts at Polymaster Group today for professional advice on all your diesel tank and agricultural tank solutions, including stock troughs, animal feeders and drinkers, aquaculture tanks and accessories, calf-feeding, storage and farm equipment, diesel tanks, and fire fighting & water cartage. Contact us on 1800 062 064.

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