Portable Diesel Ute Packs

Portable Diesel Ute Pack Tanks

Built tough for rugged Australian conditions these Portable Diesel tanks perfectly suit tray and tub utes.

Polymaster Diesel tanks are constructed from European Diesel Grade Polyethylene to stop ‘leaching’. Normal PE allow diesel to seep through the plastic, whereas the high-grade Polymaster PE doesn’t allow this to occur.

Fully complies with:

AS1940-2017 (The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids) and
AS2809.2-2008 (Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods Road tank vehicles for flammable liquid).

ALL NEW – Bunded Portable Cube Tank

Our Bunded Cube not only has a secondary containment compartment that is fully sealed, it also includes an AdBlue (DEF) 35ltr reservoir to ensure your equipment is always operating. This reservoir has its own submersible pump, hose and nozzle for easy dispensing.

All Ute Packs are constructed to last including:

Lockable lid for added security
Diesel Piusi Italian-made pump
Diesel grade hoses – UV protected
UV formulae blended into our European diesel grade polyethylene to withstand the elements
Auto shut off diesel nozzle
Fork Channels in Diesel Cube
Mounting frames available for secure tie down

Sizes available:

400ltr/35ltr Diesel + AdBlue Combo Ute Pack

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