Liquid Fertiliser – All You Need To Know!

May 11, 2017

Liquid fertiliser spreads nutrients more evenly throughout your crop, allows flexible placement and is unsurpassably accurate when applied with modern agricultural equipment.

UAN (liquid fertiliser) requires the right storage solution to allow for the most efficient and beneficial distribution across your farm and land. As the main fertiliser used in Europe and increasingly more popular Australia, UAN is the superior way to give your land and crops the boost it needs and therefore requires storage tanks of the highest quality.

Buying a bulk tanker load of liquid fertiliser and storing it in a heavy duty polyethylene tank on your own property is the most efficient and economical way to fertilise your crop.

With your own solution from Polymaster you can buy liquid fertiliser by the tanker load and transfer it straight to your storage tanks, making the whole process easier and more cost-efficient. With capacities from 9,000L to 50,000L you’ll find the ideal option for your requirements, built to last, and easily added to as your needs increase.

Our tanks are:

  • Certified by Yara Nipro (UAN manufacturer)
  • Built to Australian standards to withstand the harshest of conditions
  • Seamless, meaning there’s no risk of a costly split
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Available via our delivery service to the exact spot you want it installed.
  • Built to minimise wastage and save mixing time
  • Made from poly (polyethylene), which is non-corrosive and therefore the best and safest material
  • Available to suit even the largest onsite delivery

In addition, Batching Systems can be installed which allow you to mix your own ‘brew’ with liquid nitrogen, calcium nitrate and the like.