Traditional Concrete Bunding VS Polymaster’s Self-Bunded Tank

July 22, 2016

As an Australian owned and operated company, Polymaster has been supplying the industrial, agricultural and rainwater industries with solutions for all their storage, dispensing and transporting of liquids since 1994.

At the forefront of industrial innovation, Polymaster provides a revolutionary alternative to the traditional messy and awkward concrete bunding used as protection in case of damage to the tank leaking environmentally catastrophic chemicals. By creating a fully-enclosed chemical storage tank, Polymaster has made bunding safer, easier, cheaper, smaller and faster!

All sizes have a minimum of 110% bund capacity which fully encloses the storage tank, not only meeting bund regulations but avoiding the need of a large bund footprint normally required with concrete open top bunds to cater for chemical spray angle regulations as stipulated in AS3780. The self-bunded tanks are low maintenance and easy to install which significantly reduces the costs traditionally associated with installation.

Testing and fitting of all tanks is completed before arriving on site which results in faster installation times for clients. The optional, secure lockable cabinet attached provides the ideal storage solution for mounting pumps and equipment, eliminating the need to find additional storage. Unlike tanks bunded by a concrete surround, the ChemMaster Self-Bunded Tank is completely enclosed and weather-proofed, eliminating the need for overhead shelter and ensuring chemicals are safe from rainwater. Together with the double strength UV resistant resin, these tanks are able to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions.

All of Polymaster’s ChemMaster Self-Bunded Tanks are tested and certified to meet the standard for polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals, AS/NZS4766:2006.

These tanks are suitable for use in chemical storage, mining, water & wastewater treatment plants, food & beverage, and general industrial applications.

In addition to the ChemMaster Self-Bunded Tanks, Polymaster have an extensive range of waterchemical storage and conical tanks, bulk handlingfull package mixing systems and dispensing solutions.

Whether you’re dealing with chemicals or other high Specific Gravity products, Polymaster offer certified, safe storage options. All products manufactured by Polymaster can be modified to suit specific project specific requirements.

So if you’re Thinking Chemical Tanks… Think Polymaster!