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10,000ltr Dieselmaster Bunded Tank – Quantum


Glen Kearney Transport is a family owned and operated business established in 1997, with professional expertise, reliability, and ongoing family integrity and pride.
Glen and Pauline Kearney together with their sons and staff understand the need to move your freight safely, within budget and on time.


Keeping a fleet on the road to ensure on time deliveries can be quite a challenge. Having a reliable supply of diesel, on site and on demand takes care of one part of the process for Glen and the team at Kearney Transport.
Glen knew his business needed a product that met safety requirements for diesel storage with without taking up precious yard space. The ideal unit would also track which vehicles are filling up to properly allocate costs. Luckily Glen’s son, Brendon from Bell-Kearney Excavations had already done his homework and found the perfect all in one solution.


Both Glen and Brendon purchased Dieselmaster Bunded Quantum tanks providing storage for 10,000Ltr of diesel each. With the record low diesel prices in early 2020, the tanks contributed directly to the bottom line!

The Quantum tank is self-bunded so has the double wall protection against spills and also minor knocks in the yard, as well as being made from UV tough, flame-retardant polyethylene. The pump is a quality Italian Piusi 240V with a whopping 100LPM flow to ensure filling up is quick. A 10-meter retractable hose reel sits within the secure lockable cabinet for protection from weather and elements, allowing diesel to be pumped with the auto trigger nozzle.

Never get caught short on diesel in the tank with the digital level indicator, while the Fuel Management System (Piusi MCBox) means dispensing volumes can be tracked for up to 120 users. The Quantum unit is supplied with 10 user keys, one management key and management software (with no on-going fees!).

A tank that monitors itself and your fleet, while putting money back into your pocket by allowing your business to take advantage of bulk Diesel prices. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in a Dieselmaster Quantum today?


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Seeing Brendon use the Quantum in his business for a couple of months, I knew I had to get one for my own yard.
Glen Kearney – Owner Glen Kearney Transport