Tank Only (No Pump)


Ideal for narrow spaces, Polymaster’s slim tanks are a very popular household tank, perfect for down the side of your home.

Available in 600L, 1050L, 2000L, 2100L, 3000 and 5000L capacities, there is a tank to suit your application.

Choose from the Standard PolyChoice brand, or our Premium range for extra strength.

Two modern styles available. Ideal for narrow spaces, Polymaster’s 2100 litre SlendalineTM slimline rainwater tank is a very popular household tank, ideal for that narrow space down the side of your house. These slim tanks are available with pumps to suit any application, such as for household use (single-storey, dounble-storey or multi-storey dwellings) or garden use.

Save money on your water bill by harvesting rain water in a Polymaster rainwater tank to use for many applications.

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