800ltr Bulk Diesel Transfer Unit with 12V 85LPM Fast Flow Kit



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A Polymaster Diesel Transfer Tank is one of the most versatile storage tanks available.

Designed so that you can use them in many situations, including on a trailer, on the back of a flat bed or fixed in one location on site, they provide operators with a cost effective diesel storage and dispensing solution.

These tanks are built tough and include many features:

  • In-moulded baffles to reduce liquid displacement
  • Pin mounting feet to secure to a trailer or flat bed
  • Lockable filling port
  • 85LPM Fastflow Piusi 12V diesel pump
  • 4mtr delivery hose
  • Automatic trigger nozzle + holder bracket
  • Telescopic suction pipe
  • Strainer
  • Mushroom breather


Length: 1450mm
Width: 1200mm
Height: 740mm

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