Are there additional charges if a permit is required?
The cost (if required) of a permit and/or pilot vehicle will be included in your quote that you will receive from one of our representatives.
What rainwater tanks are affected if I require a permit?
  • 22,500ltr
  • 31,700ltr
  • 50kl
In some areas, it is more cost-effective to purchase multiples of the 13,600ltr tanks than an oversize one.
How do I know if my area requires a permit?
If you reside in areas such as Otway and Mountainous Areas, or Melbourne and Geelong urban areas the Polymaster team will investigate on your behalf to make sure if there are any permits and/or a pilot vehicle that is required. If so, they will contact you. This process will take 1-2 weeks approximately.
What areas in Victoria are affected by National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and require Oversize Permits?
  • Otway and Mountainous Areas (highlighted in Pink)
  • Melbourne and Geelong urban areas (highlighter in Green)
Due to these restrictions, Polymaster will be required to transport some of our larger tanks with the aid of escorts or pilots. The regions in pink on the Vic Roads map below indicate where these limitations are in effect, while red lines on the map indicate additional specific roads where restrictions apply.
How many people are required on site for tank delivery?
The good news is that no-one is required to help the driver unload.  Please provide a free and easy access to your site and an identified ‘marked’ area for the tank to be unloaded. Our driver will unload as close as possible your desired location. If the driver deems the desired location to be too difficult to manoeuvre the truck into, the driver will identify a safe and secure place to unload within your property.   Please note: The driver is unable to physically position the tank onto the ‘pad’. Exact positioning of the tank on the pad remains the responsibility of the property owner.
What do I do if I need a Chemical tank or Diesel/AdBlue tank delivery?
Every industrial tank is different, Contact the industrial team to ask questions about your delivery.
What are the unloading procedures for Self-bunded tanks?

Our  1,500ltr to 10,000ltr self-bunded tanks are always despatched on a pallet. This means that they can be unloaded with either a forklift or crane with spreader bar. It’s important that it is only lifted from underneath the tank unless there are purpose-built lift lugs welded on.  For tanks above this size please refer to the lifting plans.

My site isn’t ready, can you store the tank until we are ready?
Yes, we can for a storage fee of $220 inc gst per tank per month.   Normally once the tanks have been made and fitted out according to your specifications it is invoiced and shipped.
What property access is required for delivery?
Our tanks can be quite large making the trucks loads very high and long and we take the job of delivering your tank safety very seriously. Therefore, we have established clear guidelines for our deliveries.
  • The clearance required for truck and trailer is 19 metres long, 5 metres high and 3.5m wide.
  • Ensure there are no low-lying branches or powerlines
  • Make sure the gate/entrance is wide enough and there is enough turning area for the 19m long truck and trailer (size of a normal roundabout)
oversize truck
How do I know when my Rainwater Tank will be delivered?
Our logistics department will be in contact with you 7 days prior to delivery to;
  • confirm your delivery address
  • advising access guidelines for delivery to your property
  • if you will be onsite when the delivery arrives
We can even offer a courtesy call before your delivery.
What is the cost to deliver my tank to site?
  • Polymaster offers free 'delivery to site' in all Victoria.
  • Polymaster offers free 'delivery to site' to parts of South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland for tanks over 13,000ltr – 50,000ltr tanks (remote areas excluded).
  • For tanks smaller than 13,000L, there is a $110 exc GST charge to 'deliver to site'.
  • For all rainwater tanks, delivery is free to the closest Polymaster 'distributor store' within these areas.
  • The areas covered in South Australia and New South Wales are the southern parts - covering from about Corryong on the Victorian/NSW border up to Yass, across to Hillston and up to Broken Hill, then down to Mildura. From Broken Hill, across the SA border to Orroroo, then down to Port Pirie. Anything underneath this in South Australia we cover.
  • The areas covered in Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales, approximately 450km radius from Ipswich forming a border with the following towns, Bundaberg, Theodore, Roma and St George.
  • For deliveries to areas 'outside' of; Victoria, Southern South Australia, Southern NSW, and approximately 450km radius from Ipswich QLD, freight is additional.
  • Contact us for your freight quote.