What is the difference between stated volume and effective volume?
The stated volume of the tank is the amount of liquid a tank can hold before it flows out the overflow fitting.   The effective volume is dependent on what fittings are inserted, height off the base of tank and where you are drawing the liquid from, can be quite different. All tanks with a filling valve are not fitted beyond 95%.
What is the bund capacity?
The bund capacity varies between models, however all Polymaster tanks have a minimum 110% capacity.
Do I need to service the bund alarm?
Your bund alarm sensor needs to be checked as part of a regular maintenance schedule.
Can a high/low alarm be connected to control panel?
Yes – a common addition to tanks is a high/low level alarm. This addition enables the integration of an radar sensor and display, it incorporates high-high, high, low, bund alarms in one unit with output for SCADA or similar.
Are polyethylene tanks suitable for holding diesel?
Most polyethylene tanks are suitable for holding diesel. Generally, it is how and where the diesel will be stored which determines what configuration of tank/s are used. The Australian Standard 1940 outlines what the requirements are.
Can polyethylene tanks handle high temperatures?
Polyethylene tanks are designed to handle all atmospheric or ambient temperature. Initially these tanks are not designed to handle elevated temperatures. If you require the tank to store high temperature liquids, please get in contact with our technical team to discuss your needs.
What chemicals can be stored in your tanks?
There are over 1,935 chemicals that can be stored within a Polymaster tank, these include diesel, AdBlue, liquid fertiliser and many more. Our tanks are manufactured using Polyethylene (PE), which has great chemical resistance to most chemicals, they are suitable for a large variety of applications. Specific consultation and compliance/suitability of chemicals can be confirmed by our technical engineering team.
Why is my tank bulging?
It can be quite normal for a tank to bulge, due to the properties of the polymer (plastic) used to mould the tank. We quality test our tanks to ensure they are manufactured within tolerances and stand behind our warranties. If you are still concerned, please take some photos and email them to our aftersales team on